As Seen On TV Cordless Swivel Sweeper Review

As Seen On Tv Cordless Swivel SweeperA user reviews the As Seen On TV Cordless Swivel Sweeper: “The As Seen On TV Cordless Swivel Sweeper will never take the place of a vacuum cleaner. It is not a vacuum cleaner. It creates no suction. It is simply a sweeper. I would summarize it as an electric dust pan. The product has four rotating brushes that sweep items into a small centralized dust pan with openings on all four sides. The sweeper is much quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner; however, one would not use it in a room with a sleeping baby as advertised–it is not that quiet. The As Seen On TV Cordless Swivel Sweeper makes a tone with medium-high pitched whine. The picture on the box shows the product being used to sweep dirt from a carpet after a house plant has been toppled–forget it! That is not a good use of this product. Use a real vacuum cleaner for that job.

The As Seen On TV Cordless Swivel Sweeper is really only effective on hard surfaces. A dust pan is not what I would use on a carpet. Yes, you could pick up small items sitting on the surface of a carpet like paper clips, but realistically, to clean a carpet adequately, one should use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a powerful beater brush to separate the carpet strands. The As Seen On TV Cordless Swivel Sweeper has neither of these. It is not comparable to a real vacuum cleaner. The unit has problems picking up some very small items even on hard surfaces. Sometimes an item will shoot across the floor instead of going into the dust pan. I find myself going over the same area multiple times to pick up some items (but no big deal).”