Best Vacuum for Couches

Couch VacuumLooking for the best vacuum to clean up your couch? Well, we’ve done some research to help you out. There are actually two worthy vacuum models that can clean up your couch in no time. In our view, this vacuum has to have all these features: be small enough to get into really tight areas, have super strong suction, last longer than 15 minutes (assuming the vacuum is battery powered), and lastly it needs to be good with pet hair.

The vacuum we consider the best for couches is: the Dyson DC31. This one definitely costs more than most handheld vacuums, but it is also the best. Its small wand can get in just about anywhere. The suction is what really sets this one apart, you’ll notice the difference the first time you use it. Also, there is a pet friendly version of the DC31 that absolutely does great with pet hair.

The runner up in the best vacuum for couches category is: the Eureka 71B. This vacuum also has tremendous suction for a small handheld. It has a roller brush, which picks up pet hair quite well. You can also squeeze this vacuum into the corners and cracks of the couch for deeper cleaning. The pricing on this model is also considerably less than the Dyson, so it’s something to consider.