Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpet VacuumIf you’ve just installed frieze carpet in your house, you’ll definitely want to find the best vacuum for your new frieze carpet. As you know, the threads on this type of carpet are usually a little longer than a lot of alternative carpeting options. It looks great, but can be a pain to clean if you don’t have the right equipment. Well, I’ve researched many different vacuum models, and have come up with two models that should work great for your new frieze carpet.

The Electrolux Oxygen 3 is my top choice for the best vacuum for frieze carpet. There are different models of this vacuum cleaner, but they all seem to work very well on carpet. One that works especially well is the EL7020 canister model. It automatically adjusts the height, so you won’t be straining yourself trying to push the wand over the carpet. It does a great job on all styles of floors, so you shouldn’t have a problem going from tile to frieze carpet.

Hoover Tempo U5140-900 is my second choice. It’s a whole lot cheaper than the Electrolux model, which is always nice. The one thing I don’t like about this vacuum is that the beater bar doesn’t stop turning when you’re not on carpet. However, it does do a good job on frieze carpet and all other types of carpet as well. Plus it’s very lightweight, so you shouldn’t have a problem pushing this one around either.