Best Vacuum Under $100

Best vacuum under $100My search for the best vacuum under $100 has brought me to two final vacuum cleaners. A lot of times a vacuum under $100 may seem cheap, or not as appealing as its more expensive competitors. However, I think these two models really buck that trend.

The first best vacuum under $100 is the Eureka Optima 437AZ. This model has great suction, even picking up the finest dirt with ease. The retractable handle is really useful, especially for shorter or taller people. It’s also very lightweight, at just under 12 lbs. There are a few things I would change if I could, but at around $80, it’s a bargain.

The second vacuum cleaner is the Hoover Tempo U5140-900. It costs around $75, depending on where you purchase it. The suction on this model is also spectacular. Although, it does much better on carpets than on bare floors. It’s also lightweight and gets into tight corners easily. If you’re looking for a quieter vacuum, I think this one beats the Optima by just a little.

Either of these two vacuums are a steal, and are well under the $100 dollar mark. One really isn’t better than the other, they just have different benefits. I hope this advice helps you on your way to finding the best vacuum under $100.