Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum Review

Bissell Easy VacThe Bissell Easy Vac is a very lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, which comes in some very stylish colors. In this review, I’ll be going over some of the Bissell Easy Vac vacuum’s best features, as well as it’s negative features. As I said earlier, this model comes in all sorts of crazy colors – lime, lolita (pictured), blue, and red. Here’s a rundown of some of its best features: wire reinforced stretch hose, dusting brush and crevice tool, 20 ft power cord, rotating brush, and a media HEPA filter. As far as pricing goes, it’s a very inexpensive vacuum at only $40. Also, I like that it weighs less than 11 lbs.

Now I’ll be going over the Bissell Easy Vac vacuum cleaner’s potential negative aspects. First off, I would have liked to see an extension piece for the stretch hose. Also, the exterior is cheaply made, as you can imagine with a $40 vacuum. The nozzle doesn’t stretch too far, so it can be difficult to get hard to reach areas. Lastly, there were a couple complaints that I saw where the Bissell Easy Vac model broke on them within a year. I would have to say this is more of an exception than the rule. Overall, I am giving this model a 3.8 / 5 star rating.