Bissell Flip-It Review

Bissell Flip-ItMy short Bissell Flip-It review: The Bissell Flip-It Bare Floor Cleaner is basically a combo unit. It functions as both a vacuum cleaner and a liquid-dispensing mop. When you have the vacuum side facing upwards, you can tilt the handle and suck up small debris, etc. Then, once you’re done vacuuming, you flip it to the other side and tilt the handle and it becomes a wet mop. There is also a trigger you can pull to release soap/liquids. It’s definitely an ingenious idea, but I’m only somewhat impressed – let me explain.

The Bissell Flip-It, when used as a vacuum, is nothing more than your average stick vacuum. It’s OK, but not great. The suction is barely powerful enough to pick up a few Cheerios, so don’t expect to vacuum your whole house with it.

The Flip-It’s mop side is another story. It works really well, and is almost worth buying just for this function. It will clean up your bare floors, and even has a squeegee and suction to dry up the floor as you go along. The Bissell Flip-It is a lot more fun to use than a regular mop/Swiffer.

While I’m not that impressed with the vacuum side of the Bissell Flip-It Bare Floor Cleaner, I still recommend this little combo unit because of it’s wet mop side. And even though the vacuum doesn’t work very well, you can just consider it a bonus that comes with the mop.