Black & Decker VN1400P Retriever Vacuum Review

Black & Decker VN1400P RetrieverA vacuum cleaner review of the Black & Decker VN1400P vacuum says: “The Black & Decker VN1400P Retriever vacuum cleaner is targeted towards pet owners. It does do a fairly good job at picking up pet hair on carpets, and does an exceptionally good job on bare floors. As I’ve read on some other vacuum reviews, the suction on this thing is very good. It’s pretty quiet as well, so that’s a plus. The construction is better than your average unit of this price. The other thing I love is how many attachments are included with this vacuum. You really have a tool for just about anything.

Like I mentioned before, the suction is wonderful, but it really tapers off when you put on the attachments. This is a little disappointing, since there are a lot of good attachments included. Also, the beater brush isn’t great on certain carpet heights. Sometimes it even stops turning. I wouldn’t say this is the best vacuum for cleaning up pet hair on carpets, but if you have bare floors this thing works like none other. The Black & Decker VN1400P Retriever canister vacuum cleaner is unfortunately lacking in some key areas, but overall is a good little machine.”