Best Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Best Suction Vacuum CleanerMost people think the best suction vacuum cleaner would have to be a Dyson. That’s what they are most known for – so it makes sense. More often than not, this generalization is true. I’ve actually found three different best suction vacuum cleaners, each in it’s own sub-category (upright, canister and handheld).

The Dyson DC25 All Floors is the vacuum with the best suction in the upright category. For Dyson to sell so many vacuums at a premium price there has to be some reason, right? Well, in this case it’s the suction. It’s also very easy to maneuver around.

The Eureka 71AV has the best suction in the handheld category. What’s great about this little model is that it is portable and lightweight, besides having great pick-up power. It’s nice for stairs and other hard to reach areas.

The Electrolux EL6985A canister also has superb suction. One thing that’s really attractive about this model is that it is so quiet. It’s also fairly lightweight, so you shouldn’t have a problem dragging it up and down stairs. A lot of people prefer canister models, but it really just depends on your taste.

Overall, I would probably rate the Dyson highest of these 3 models. Other than price, the DC25 has just about everything going for it – including being the vacuum with the best suction.

Best Vacuum Under $100

Best vacuum under $100My search for the best vacuum under $100 has brought me to two final vacuum cleaners. A lot of times a vacuum under $100 may seem cheap, or not as appealing as its more expensive competitors. However, I think these two models really buck that trend.

The first best vacuum under $100 is the Eureka Optima 437AZ. This model has great suction, even picking up the finest dirt with ease. The retractable handle is really useful, especially for shorter or taller people. It’s also very lightweight, at just under 12 lbs. There are a few things I would change if I could, but at around $80, it’s a bargain.

The second vacuum cleaner is the Hoover Tempo U5140-900. It costs around $75, depending on where you purchase it. The suction on this model is also spectacular. Although, it does much better on carpets than on bare floors. It’s also lightweight and gets into tight corners easily. If you’re looking for a quieter vacuum, I think this one beats the Optima by just a little.

Either of these two vacuums are a steal, and are well under the $100 dollar mark. One really isn’t better than the other, they just have different benefits. I hope this advice helps you on your way to finding the best vacuum under $100.

Best Vacuum For Small Apartment

Best Vacuum Small ApartmentSearching for the best vacuum for a small apartment? Well, we’ve done some research and come up with two of the best vacuums for small apartments on the market today. Both of them have above average suction, are fairly quiet (you don’t want to get the neighbors angry!), and both are small. OK, let’s get started.

The Electrolux Oxygen 3 Canister is one of the best vacuums for small apartments. After using it, you’ll notice how small, lightweight and easy to manuever this model is. It also comes with a lot of extras, such as a full bag indicator and it automatically stops if clogged. The suction is great and works well for allergy sufferers. Like I mentioned earlier, this vacuum is also much quieter than competitor models. It’s not cheap though, at around $450.

The second best vacuum for small apartments is the Hoover Platinum Linx stick vacuum. I normally don’t care much for stick models, because they feel cheap or don’t have very good suction. This particular machine seems to buck the trend. It is cordless, so it won’t last too long – however, it should be just the right amount to clean up a smaller apartment (say, 600-700 sq ft). The build quality is great, and the suction is one of the best I’ve even seen on a stick vacuum. It also has one-touch brushroll activation and cleans edges easily. Storing this model takes up very little space. It retails for around $180.

So, those are two of the best vacuums you’ll find for smaller apartments. I know the prices are a little higher, especially on the first model, but if you can afford it I would definitely reccomend either one.

Best Vacuum For Carpet

Best Vacuum for CarpetChoosing the best vacuum for carpet isn’t a real easy task. There are a lot of great vacuum cleaners out there which do a good job on carpet. I think two brands really stand out from the crowd though: Dyson and Kenmore. Both of these companies are well known for both suction and quality. Below are my top two choices.

The Dyson DC25 Animal is one of my choices in the best vacuum for carpet category. As always, Dyson proves its suction is top notch. This model is especially well suited for pet owners. The beater bar on the DC25 Animal works great at picking up wall the loose pet hair on the carpet. Even if you don’t have pets, you’ll still benefit from the powerful suction on your carpets. I also have to mention – it does great on bare floors as well.

The Kenmore Progressive 36932 is my second choice for the best carpet vacuum. This model is available only at Sears. The Progressive line of vacuums have always been known for their suction, and this model is no exception. The rotating roller brush on the Kenmore Progressive 36932 is what makes this vacuum cleaner so good on carpets. Some owners say it works even better than their Dyson and other top models.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Best Vacuum for Dog HairThe best vacuum for dog hair in my opinion is the Kenmore Progressive 35922. Sure, it may cost slightly more than some competitors, but it comes with all the right tools to help you get rid of even the peskiest dog hair. It’s currently priced at $220, which should be in most buyers’ price range. The HandiMate Jr attachment works well at picking up dog hair in tight places. Also, the suction is tremendous and you won’t have to replace any belts on this vacuum. Lastly is the HEPA filtration system, which does a great job at picking up all the smaller dog hair, fur & dust particles.

While I believe the best vacuum for dog hair is the unit above, I think a cheaper alternative would be the Eureka Boss Pet Smart. It’s currently priced around $150, so it’s a good $70 cheaper than the Progressive vacuum. It also includes a HEPA filtration system and some great tools for picking up dog hair. I think the suction is fine, but not quite at the Progressive’s level. Otherwise, it’s a great little vacuum.

As always, I think there are plenty of vacuums that would work great at picking up pet hair. However, I try to pick the one that stands out not only in performance, but also in price & quality. So, good luck on your hunt to buy the best vacuum for dog hair!

Best Inexpensive Vacuum

Best Inexpensive VacuumThe best inexpensive vacuum would depend heavily on what is meant by “inexpensive”. Well, in this case I’m referring to vacuums which are under $100. A lot of people end up buying the high-end (expensive) models, just because they think they must work better if they cost more. Well, this is not always the case. In fact, I think these two models below are better in a lot of ways than some of their high-end competitors – yet, cost under $100.

The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo is one of the best inexpensive vacuums because of its suction, lightweight & low dust emissions. It also comes with an allergen filter, which isn’t quite as good as HEPA – but it’s definitely worth having. It doesn’t do super well on hard floors, but is great for carpets. This vacuum costs around $75, depending on where you get it.

The Hoover S2220 Flair stick vacuum made our list of top inexpensive vacuums because of its small lightweight form, its ease of use in tight places & also it is fairly quiet. Of course, the $50 price tag is very attractive as well. Being a stick vacuum, you can’t expect it to do everything, but it does a great job with smaller spaces.

I realize these 2 choices are both Hoovers. There are other brands which make a good budget vacuum cleaner, but Hoover just happens to make some of the best inexpensive vacuum on the market today. Overall, my top choice would be the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo. It’s a great all-around performer, and is well under the $100 range.

Best Vacuum For The Money

Best Vacuum for the moneyFinding the best vacuum for the money is not always easy. There are a lot of cheap models out there, but we’ve narrowed the best vacuums for the money down to 3 models. Each of them have their benefits and drawbacks, but all are fairly inexpensive.

Eureka Boss SmartVac 4870MZ – This bagged vacuum does a great job at picking up pet hair and comes loaded with a couple attachments. The suction is great and it includes a HEPA filtration system. It does weigh 21 lbs, so it’s the heaviest of all 3 models. It is built well though, so you can’t complain too much. It’s an all-around good vacuum for a fair price of $140.

Hoover Tempo U5140-900 – This unit can easily be considered one of the best vacuums for the money. It’s lightweight, solidly built (although the plastic exterior doesn’t really look like it), the suction is excellent, it has an allergen filtration system & of course is relatively inexpensive – around $80.

Eureka 71B Handheld – This little vacuum has great suction and is small enough to squeeze into tight places. It works especially well on stairs and for picking up pet hair. It also works well on fabrics, and a lot of people use it to vacuum their car out. The one negative is that it’s a little loud. However, the $50 price tag compensates for some of the noise.

The best vacuum for the money out of these 3 models, in my opinion, is the Hoover Tempo U5140-900. Even though the price is low, it doesn’t sacrifice on the essentials. The other 2 models definitely have their place. They would work better in different situations – so depending on your situation, you may end up choosing them.

Best Lightweight Vacuum

Best Lightweight VacuumThe best lightweight vacuum cleaners not only have to be lighter than your average vacuum, but also have outstanding suction and performance. There are a couple lightweight vacuums which should definitely be considered, but I think one really stands out as the overall best lightweight vacuum cleaner. Here are my top 3 picks:

Miele Neptune – This 11 lb canister vacuum is pricey, but it’s versatility and power easily make up for it. It’s light enough to take up and down stairs with ease. Also, the Neptune’s filtration system is one of the best on the market. I also have to mention that this machine is very quiet, compared to most competitors.

Oreck XL Series – The Oreck XL is consistently rated one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners by users because of it’s powerful suction and light weight (only 8 lbs). The basic model comes with a 1 year warranty, while the new Oreck XL Platinum Pilot comes with a 10 year warranty, and weights 10 lbs. They are excellent machines, just a little pricey as well.

Simplicity Freedom – This lightweight vacuum cleaner is only 8 lbs. It has superb suction for such a little vacuum, and also features a HiFlow HEPA filtration system. It’s perfect for going up and down flights of stairs or just pulling around large rooms.

The best lightweight vacuum of these 3 top choices, in my opinion, is the Simplicity Freedom. It is definitely lightweight, and the suction is tremendous. It’s small enough to get into tight places as well. One thing I don’t like about Simplicity vacuums is that you have to buy from an authorized retailer, and they are not available for purchase online. I would definitely check into the other 2 lightweight vacuums if the Simplicity is not an option for you.

Top Vacuum Cleaners

Top Vacuum CleanersThe top vacuum cleaners in the categories below are based upon 100′s of consumer reviews, pricing, and how well the features of these top vacuum cleaners match up against similar competitors. I’ve selected 5 popular categories, since different consumers are looking for specific types of vacuums. Each category has our pick of the best vacuum next to it, and a few comments on why it was chosen.

Budget Model – Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath vacuum cleaner. This lightweight vacuum costs around $60, and easily makes the list for the top vacuum cleaner in the budget category. Besides being light and cheap, this vacuum has low dust emissions and comes with an allergen filter.

Cordless Model – Hoover Platinum Collection Linx stick vacuum. This is a fairly new arrival, but already has made its mark. The suction on this stick vacuum is tremendous. Plus, the on-off switch for the roller is a huge benefit for those of you who own carpets & bare floors. The one negative is the battery power – you can’t do large spaces all on one charge (but, it’s to be expected from a cordless machine).

Canister Model – Miele S4210 Carina. This is our pick for top canister vacuum cleaner because of its ability to clean bare floors, the build quality, and that it is lightweight. This machine is also super reliable and does great on allergies. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but if you have the money this vacuum is well worth it.

Upright Model – Eureka 4870MZ Boss SmartVac. This model easily takes the top vacuum cleaner spot for the upright model category. There are, of course, other superb upright models – however, the fact that this one only costs around $150 is why we chose it. This machine is also very quiet, the performance is outstanding, it has an on-off brush switch, it picks up pet hair with ease & the included attachments are wonderful. The only real negatives are that it’s fairly heavy and a little cheap looking.

Robotic Model – iRobot Roomba Discovery 510. This robotic vacuum is great with pet hair and has decent suction. It’s simple to set up and get running, and like all Roombas it does the vacuuming so you don’t have to. The container on the unit isn’t huge, but it should work fine for most users. It also stops when the container is full. Be aware though, it doesn’t have a programmable schedule and the maintenence needs on the vacuum cleaner can be pretty often.

Best Vacuums for Stairs

Best vacuum for stairsFinding the best vacuums for stairs can be difficult. There are a few variables which could affect your decision on which vacuum is best for your stairs. First is whether your staircase is a hard surface or if it is carpet. Next is how many stairs you have. Some vacuum hoses or cords will not be long enough for you. There’s also the questions of how loud the machine is, how heavy it weighs & how good it is at getting into the small stair crevices. Below is a list of 4 of the best vacuums for stairs. They aren’t in any specific order – they all have their benefits, you’ll just have to pick the one that works best for your specific situation.

Dirt Devil M0105 Bagless – this handheld vacuum cleaner has one of the most powerful suctions of any handheld vacuum available. It works especially well at picking up pet hair on stairs, and works best on carpets. The cord is fairly long, but you may have to replug it in at the landing. Also, this machine is quite loud. The end of the vacuum is great for the flat part of the stairs, but you may have a harder time getting the smaller crevies.

Eureka 71B Bagless Handheld – this makes our list as one of the best vacuums for stairs because of the build quality, the suction power, its ability to pick up pet hair & the on-board tools work great for crevices. I think the biggest down-side of this vacuum is how heavy it is. It’s not bad if you don’t have a lot of stairs, but if have 2 or 3 flights of stairs – you’ll definitely get tired arms. Of course, the heaviness is mainly because it’s built of heavy quality material.

Electrolux Oxygen3 Canister vacuum – this machine is great because it works well on both hardwood & carpet stairs. It comes with a couple attachments which work great for the small crevices. It’s also not very heavy, so you can drag the canister right up the stairs with you. One problem some people have is that the hose tends to buckle. The wand could be a little less flexible as well.

Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister – this vacuum has great suction and great tools. It can get in the crevices very easily. As the name suggests, the upright is quite lightweight. The canister on the other hand, can get a little heavy for some people. It’s still a lot lighter than most competitors. One other benefit to this vacuum is that it’s a lot quiter than other models.

So, there you have it. These are some of the best vacuums for stairs, so if that is a priority in picking your next vacuum, I would give one of these a try. Good luck!

Dirt Devil i M130000 Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil i M130000A vacuum review of the Dirt Devil i M130000 vacuum cleaner states: “The Dirt Devil i upright vacuum cleaner is the best DD I’ve ever owned. They’ve done an exceptional job with the look of this unit. It’s so sleek and stylish, everyone asks about it when they come over. This vacuum does a lot more than just look good though. The on/off switch for the roller brush is very useful, especially if you have bare floors and carpet to clean (both of which it does a great job at, by the way). The suction is really powerful, and the transfers well to the hand tools.

I have loved bagless vacuums ever since Dyson came out with theirs, and I think this new unit from Dirt Devil does just as good a job as most high-end machines. The Dirt Devil i upright vacuum cleaner’s dirt canister is so easy to change, and the filters are easy to clean and wash as well. The only thing I would change is the hose length. It’s just a tad too short for me. I’ve read some vacuum ratings where they complain about the price. It’s a little more than your “average” vacuum, but there’s a reason for that – it’s better than most. I definitely recommend it.”

Kirby Sentria Vacuum Review

Kirby SentriaA Kirby Sentria vacuum review states: “The Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner works like none other. It’s absolutely the best, that is if you can afford the steep price. But, in this case it is worth every penny. You can buy it cheaper online than if you have a sales person show up at your door (try Amazon). Plus, there are a fair amount of people selling them slightly used.

The suction on the Kirby Sentria vacuum (G10) is amazing. The auto drive feature is great, you almost don’t even have to push the machine to move it along carpets. I really love the attachments that come with it. It’s pretty much like an all-in-one upright, canister, stick & carpet cleaner. Although, the carpet cleaning part isn’t the best I’ve seen.

One thing I don’t like is how heavy it is. It’s hard to drag up and down stairs, or even all over the house. Also, if you don’t want to use it as an upright, you’ll have to take off the front peice and latch the attachments to the hose. It’s kind of a pain to do. The Kirby Sentria vacuum is definitely worth the money, and should last a very long time.”

Hoover UH70015 Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover UH70015 Cyclonic VacuumA vacuum review of the Hoover UH70015 Cyclonic Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner says: “The Hoover UH70015 Cyclonic Bagless Upright (Platinum Collection) works better than I would have ever dreamed. The Windtunnel technology is great and picks up dog hair with ease. Plus, it sucks up all sorts of dirt and debris with no problems either. I used to own a Dyson, and I think this works at least as good if not better. The brush works really well too, which is probably because of the suction power this machine has.

I don’t really have many complaints about this vacuum cleaner yet. Maybe I will later on, but I’m not really worried, since there is a long 6 year warranty that’s included. I guess the one downside I have to mention is the price. It’s not cheap, at around $450. However, you get what you pay for – and this one is definitely worth the money. The Hoover UH70015 Cyclonic Bagless vacuum cleaner is a good option for those of you looking for a Dyson alternative, that actually works.”

Miele S5 Series Canister Vacuum Review

Miele S5 SeriesA vacuum cleaner review of the Miele S5 Series Canister says: “The Miele S5 Series vacuums are built extremely well. You can really tell after handling the machine, it’s construction is top notch. We have hardwood floors and tile,  which it does a super job at. The suction is great, so even finer dirt gets sucked up. I’ve heard from other reviewers that it can really help allergy sufferers. Also, this particular model is very quiet. I really hate loud vacuums, so this one is wonderful for that.

Usually a solid-built vacuum cleaner will weigh more than the cheaper plastic competition. This is definitely the case with the Miele S5 Series. OK, it’s not quite that bad, but I’ve had much lighter vacs in the past. Probably the biggest downside to this unit is the price. Depending on where you buy, it can range from $750-$900. After you own it for a while, you’ll see why it’s priced so high. It’s super sturdy, the performance is great, and the noise level is minimal.”

Kenmore Progressive 36932 Review

Kenmore Progressive 36932A Kenmore Progressive 36932 vacuum cleaner review says: “The Kenmore Progressive 36932 from Sears has worked out well for me. I have read many different vacuum ratings, and agree that this machine performs just as well (if not better) than some Dyson competitors. That’s really saying a lot, since Dyson’s are known for their good suction. It has a rotating brush which works pretty well, but I think it scatters the finer dirt around on bare floors. So you may want to think about that. The included tools are wonderful. There are attachments for stairs, blinds, upholstery, etc.

Speaking of stairs, this thing is a bit heavy to drag up and down them. It weighs something like 22 lbs. Also, the price is a bit high if you’re on a strict budget. However, compared to most Dyson’s, it’s not quite that expensive. Overall, the Kenmore Progressive 36932 vacuum is probably the best unit at Sears, unless you want to spend a lot more money.”