Kenmore 28614 Review

Kenmore 28614Our Kenmore 28614 review:If you’re looking for a powerful canister model, the Kenmore 28614 vacuum cleaner is definitely one to check out. As with most models from this Sears manufacturer, it is solidly built. A few of it’s most prominent features include: True HEPA filter, telescopic wand, motorized Pet PowerMate, indicator light when bag is full, stair grip swivel for easy stair cleaning, and a good amount of other useful attachments. The actual vacuum is fairly small, so you can drag it into tight places and store it in a small closet.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the Kenmore 28614 vacuum. It’s a little heavier than a lot of competitor models, but this is mainly due to the fact it’s built with quality materials. However, this makes a little more difficult to drag up and down stairs. Also, the handle can be a little hard to turn. Last thing that a lot of users complain about is the noise. Yes, it is quite loud – however, I think most people don’t mind that so much as long as it’s actually picking up the dirt (which it does). Overall, I really like the Kenmore 28614. It’s currently on sale for around $270. I’m giving this vacuum a 4.5/5 star rating.

Kenmore 27914 Canister Vacuum Review

Kenmore 27914 Canister VacuumMy Kenmore 27914 canister vacuum review: I can’t say the Kenmore 27914 vacuum is the cheapest model available (currently $380), however I do think it is worth the money. Kenmore sells a lot of different canister models, and this one is right in the middle, as far as pricing goes. At 27 lbs, it’s not the lightest choice, but I think makes up for that in features.

Some of the features I really like on this vacuum are: a hose that expands to 12 ft, a 14 inch wide cleaning path, HEPA filtration system, retractable cord, dirt indicator light, lots of on-board tools, and I think the Kenmore 27914 just looks great. A couple things I don’t really care for are the cheaper plastic exterior (which doesn’t really affect its appearance), and the 26 ft cord could be a bit longer.

Even with those minor issues, I think the Kenmore 27914 canister vacuum is a good buy. I think it’s one of the best canister models currently available, especially staying under $500. I give this model a highly recommended 4/5 stars.

Best Vacuum For Carpet

Best Vacuum for CarpetChoosing the best vacuum for carpet isn’t a real easy task. There are a lot of great vacuum cleaners out there which do a good job on carpet. I think two brands really stand out from the crowd though: Dyson and Kenmore. Both of these companies are well known for both suction and quality. Below are my top two choices.

The Dyson DC25 Animal is one of my choices in the best vacuum for carpet category. As always, Dyson proves its suction is top notch. This model is especially well suited for pet owners. The beater bar on the DC25 Animal works great at picking up wall the loose pet hair on the carpet. Even if you don’t have pets, you’ll still benefit from the powerful suction on your carpets. I also have to mention – it does great on bare floors as well.

The Kenmore Progressive 36932 is my second choice for the best carpet vacuum. This model is available only at Sears. The Progressive line of vacuums have always been known for their suction, and this model is no exception. The rotating roller brush on the Kenmore Progressive 36932 is what makes this vacuum cleaner so good on carpets. Some owners say it works even better than their Dyson and other top models.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Best Vacuum for Dog HairThe best vacuum for dog hair in my opinion is the Kenmore Progressive 35922. Sure, it may cost slightly more than some competitors, but it comes with all the right tools to help you get rid of even the peskiest dog hair. It’s currently priced at $220, which should be in most buyers’ price range. The HandiMate Jr attachment works well at picking up dog hair in tight places. Also, the suction is tremendous and you won’t have to replace any belts on this vacuum. Lastly is the HEPA filtration system, which does a great job at picking up all the smaller dog hair, fur & dust particles.

While I believe the best vacuum for dog hair is the unit above, I think a cheaper alternative would be the Eureka Boss Pet Smart. It’s currently priced around $150, so it’s a good $70 cheaper than the Progressive vacuum. It also includes a HEPA filtration system and some great tools for picking up dog hair. I think the suction is fine, but not quite at the Progressive’s level. Otherwise, it’s a great little vacuum.

As always, I think there are plenty of vacuums that would work great at picking up pet hair. However, I try to pick the one that stands out not only in performance, but also in price & quality. So, good luck on your hunt to buy the best vacuum for dog hair!

Kenmore 27514 Blue Canister Vacuum Review

Kenmore 27514 Blue CanisterA Kenmore 27514 Blue Canister vacuum cleaner review states: “The Kenmore 27514 Blue Canister vacuum cleaner works perfectly for my house. I have a pretty wide open floor plan with hardwood and carpet. It easily reaches everything with it’s long cord, plus you can use the attachments to clean up the upholstery, the blinds and cob-webs on the ceiling. The switch in the handle makes it even more convenient to use and switch attachments. It’s also fairly  lightweight, so it’s not a problem to bring it upstairs if you need to. I also really like the electronic performance indicator, which tells you when you need to change the back or check for blockages.

Even though I love my Kenmore 27514 Blue Canister vacuum, I know a lot of other reviews I’ve read do not like it. They mention that it seems a little cheap (as far as the plastic goes), and even have wheels breaking. I haven’t had it long enough to see that happen, and hopefully it never will. So far, I’m very pleased with the way it’s worked and the suction is wonderful. It picks up pet hair quite well. I’d give it an even higher rating if it didn’t cost quite so much. But, I can’t complain too much, because most good vacuums cost this much.”

Kenmore Progressive 36932 Review

Kenmore Progressive 36932A Kenmore Progressive 36932 vacuum cleaner review says: “The Kenmore Progressive 36932 from Sears has worked out well for me. I have read many different vacuum ratings, and agree that this machine performs just as well (if not better) than some Dyson competitors. That’s really saying a lot, since Dyson’s are known for their good suction. It has a rotating brush which works pretty well, but I think it scatters the finer dirt around on bare floors. So you may want to think about that. The included tools are wonderful. There are attachments for stairs, blinds, upholstery, etc.

Speaking of stairs, this thing is a bit heavy to drag up and down them. It weighs something like 22 lbs. Also, the price is a bit high if you’re on a strict budget. However, compared to most Dyson’s, it’s not quite that expensive. Overall, the Kenmore Progressive 36932 vacuum is probably the best unit at Sears, unless you want to spend a lot more money.”