Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac Review

Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick VacHere’s my Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac review: I wouldn’t call the Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac a full upright vacuum, nor would I call it a stick vacuum – it’s somewhere in between. This can actually come in handy if you are looking for a cheaper and smaller alternative to a full upright, without sacrificing too much on suction power. The Dynamite is on sale for just $30 online, so you can hardly go wrong with that price.

As I mentioned before, the Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac has very good suction for a smaller machine. Also, it’s small size allows you to get into areas you may not be able to with a larger vacuum cleaner. It weighs just 9 lbs, so it’s no problem pushing around. I think it would work wonderfully for small houses, apartments & even dorm rooms.

There are always a few things I wish I could change about any vacuum. Here are a couple things I don’t like about this model: it doesn’t come with any attachments (although you can buy them from Dirt Devil’s website), it’s pretty loud, and it feels a little cheap – especially the paint. But hey, you can’t expect a perfect vacuum for $30. Actually, at that price you would expect a whole lot more complaints. I think the Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac is a steal at the price they are offering it at.