Dirt Devil Easy Lite Canister Review

Dirt Devil Easy Lite CanisterThe Dirt Devil Easy Lite canister vacuum is a stylish, yet fairly inexpensive model – at just $90. I think the charcoal and red colors blend well together. In this review of the Dirt Devil Easy Lite canister vacuum cleaner, I’ll go over this model’s strengths and weaknesses, then decide if it’s worth the price tag. First off, here’s a rundown of the best features on this unit: HEPA filter, motorized brush roll, it does edge cleaning, has a telescoping wand, a few on-board tools, and it’s fairly lightweight at just 15 lbs. The suction on this vacuum is surprisingly good. And, it’s nice that it works on multiple surfaces. The fact that this model is fairly cheap is definitely an asset to this model as well.

OK, let’s move onto the negative aspects of the Dirt Devil Easy Lite canister vacuum. Well, I just mentioned that it works on multiple surfaces, but it can be very difficult to push on thicker carpets. This can be back-breaking work if you’re house has wall to wall shag. Another issue I have with this model is that the power cord is only 20 ft long. I know the wand helps lengthen that amount, but it’s still pretty short. Also, I think the exterior is made of pretty cheap materials. Overall, I’m a little undecided on the Dirt Devil Easy Lite canister. It’s wonderful on bare floors, but not that great on carpet. For the price, it’s a decent model. I’m going to give it a 3.8 / 5 star rating.