Dirt Devil Ebony Easy Lite Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil Ebony Easy LiteOur Dirt Devil Ebony vacuum review: Being in between a stick vacuum and a regular upright model, the Dirt Devil Ebony Easy Lite is great for small to mid-sized cleaning jobs. It’s also nice that it weighs 9 lbs, which is light enough to carry up and down stairs with ease. The premium stretch hose is used for the on-board tools – which are actually pretty useful. A couple other features found on this vacuum are: adjustable-height motorized brushroll, an easy empty dirt container, HEPA filter and a couple tools.

At only $40, the Dirt Devil Ebony vacuum is definitely one of the cheaper models out there. For a cheaper model, it actually has pretty good suction power (although, some would disagree). However, the plastic exterior is very cheap looking. The noise level is also pretty loud for such a small vacuum. Also, it does not do well on bare floors – it’s more of a carpet model. Overall, I really like the Dirt Devil Ebony Easy Lite vacuum cleaner. It accomplishes what it was made to do, and at a great price. I’m giving this model a 4 / 5 star rating.