Dirt Devil Kurv 0216CHL Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil KurvA vacuum review of the Dirt Devil Kurv 0216CHL vacuum cleaner says: “The Dirt Devil Kurv vacuum cleaner is more for looks than anything. It has a good looking curve design, which is so good that I don’t mind leaving it out when company comes over. Since it is a cordless unit, the batteries don’t last that long. In fact, I’m lucky to get 20 minutes out of it at a time. This only allows me to clean up a couple rooms before it needs to be recharged. The suction is actually decent, so it’s not all bad performance-wise. The only way it does a good job with the suction is if you hold it level with the ground. If it’s tilted at all, the suction is terrible. I think this is why so many people complain about the suction power.

Other vacuum cleaner reviews I’ve read complain about the fan on the machine, saying it blows around the dust you are trying to vacuum up. I haven’t really had this problem, but I still don’t think it is a good design. I wouldn’t say the Dirt Devil Kurv is great, but it’s not horrible either. And, if you are wanting a vacuum that looks nice, this is the one.”