Dyson DC17 All Floors Review

Dyson DC17 All FloorsThe Dyson DC17 All Floors vacuum is a stylish upright model, which is currently selling for around $450. The platinum color scheme really looks nice. In this review of the Dyson DC17 All Floors vacuum cleaner, I’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses this model has to offer, then decide if it’s worth the higher price. As with most models from this manufacturer, you’re really paying a premium for quality, performance, and even for the name brand. Here’s a quick rundown of the features found on this unit: 35 ft power cord, HEPA filter, mini turbine head, motorized brush roll with fingertip controls, edge cleaning, telescoping wand, certified allergy and asthma friendly, a couple accessories, and a 5 year warranty. Not a bad set of features on this vacuum, but there are some other models from this manufacturer that come with more attachments.

OK, onto the negative aspects of the Dyson DC17 All Floors vacuum. First off, let me state the obvious – the price. I know the suction is tremendous on this unit, but it’s just up to the consumer if they feel like paying a premium for slightly more power than the competition. Also, there are a few users who say it really loses it’s suction strength after a couple years. Another thing is that this model is pretty loud. Lastly, the one negative aspect of having a really powerful suction is that it can be a little hard to push it on thicker carpets. Overall, the Dyson DC17 All Floors vacuum cleaner is good – although, I think the company makes a couple better models. However, this unit cleans well and looks great. You just have to decide if you’re willing to spend the extra money. I’m giving it a 4 / 5 star rating.