Dyson DC28 Airmuscle Vacuum Review

Dyson DC28 AirmuscleThe Dyson DC28 Airmuscle vacuum is a deluxe model which actually pulls the unit closer to the carpet for deeper cleaning. In this review of the Dyson DC28 Airmuscle vacuum cleaner, I’ll go over this model’s best features and it’s downsides, if any. First off, here’s a rundown of it’s best features: a telescope wand, Root cyclone technology, 5 year warranty, a powered cam which adjusts the brush bar, fingertip controls, and of course the Airmuscle technology, which pulls the vacuum head closer to the carpet. As you may have noticed, this model is geared specifically for pet owners – to pull that hard to get pet hair and dirt out of carpets. And to this end, it does a superb job.

Now I’ll be going over the negative aspects of the Dyson DC28 Airmuscle vacuum. As with all models from this manufacturer, I think pricing is going to be a big drawback. I’m not saying this model isn’t worth the $500 price tag, but it’s still a good amount to pay for a vacuum cleaner. I also wish this model had more tools included. This would be a big help for cleaning up pet hair in hard-to-reach places. Lastly, a couple users had problems with clogging, after a year of use. Overall, I absolutely love the Dyson DC28 Airmuscle vacuum cleaner though. I’m giving it a 4.5 / 5 star rating.