Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Review

Dyson DC33 Multi FloorThe Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum is an upright model which boasts superior suction power and the ability to work on any floor type. In this review of the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum cleaner, I’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of this model, then determine whether it’s worth the nearly $400 asking price. As far as looks go, I think this model definitely hits the nail on the head. It’s sleek, stylish and the color combination looks great. Here’s a quick rundown the features you’ll find on this model: a telescoping reach wand, combination and stair tools, a quick-empty dirt container, lifetime HEPA filter, Root Cyclone technology for extra suction power, and this vacuum also has a 5 year warranty. Another thing I really like about this model is that it weighs just over 17 lbs – which isn’t super light, but lighter than a lot of the competition.

OK, onto the negative aspects of the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum. Probably the biggest drawback of this unit is that it’s not as agile as some of the Ball models. Also, it doesn’t fit under furniture and beds very well. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to push on thicker carpets, because the suction is so strong. Another thing is that the brush roll switch is in a awkward place – by your feet. Lastly, the price is a little higher than most of it’s competition. However, I know a lot of people won’t have a problem spending a little more money on the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum cleaner. Even with the few flaws this model does have, I think it’s still a good buy. I’m giving it a 4.3 / 5 star rating.