Dyson vs Oreck

Dyson vs OreckDyson vs Oreck, which is the better vacuum? In this case we’ll take a look at the Dyson DC14 and the Oreck XL, two of the respective companies’ best selling vacuum cleaners. Both are excellent machines and are priced fairly similarly.

Lets look at the Dyson DC14 first: it weighs 18.5 lbs, has a 35.4 ft cord, it’s bagless, 2 quart dirt canister and has a 5 year warranty. Next lets look at the Oreck XL: it weighs 8 lbs, 25 ft cord, it’s a bagged vacuum, 8 quart bag and a 10 year housing warranty.

So who wins this Dyson vs Oreck competition? Out of these two models, I would have to go with the Dyson for a few reasons. The Oreck’s suction is amazing, however I think the Dyson has a slight edge because it is so close to the floor and you can raise the head up and down. Both vacuums do great on bare floors and carpet, however the Dyson has some extra tools on board which gives it the advantage again. Both machines are made of plastic, however the Dyson DC14 seems to be built a little better. Also, it just looks cooler than the Oreck XL.

Now, don’t think I’m just hammering on the Oreck. I think it does have some great qualities not available on the Dyson. I’ll just point out a few: you don’t have to change the bag as often as you have to empty the canister, it’s much lighter, it’s more energy efficient and it’s built in the USA (if that matters to you). Again, I would still choose the Dyson DC14 over the Oreck XL for the reasons mentioned above.