Electrolux EL1012A Ergorapido Vacuum Review

Electrolux EL1012A ErgorapidoA vacuum cleaner review for the Electrolux EL1012A Ergorapido Stick Hand Vac says: “The Electrolux EL1012A Ergorapido vacuum is the absolute best small machine I’ve ever owned. It does a great job of picking up crumbs, pet hair and other small messes around the house. I think it does best on hardwood floors. Also, you can take it apart to use just the hand-vacuum part of it. This way you can get into tighter areas, couches, etc.

If you’re used to a heavier vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to get this one for lighter jobs. It is so much easier on your back. It used to be a huge pain to vacuum up dog hair every day, but now thanks to the Electrolux EL1012A Ergorapido, it’s quick and easy. The one thing you have to watch out for is the shorter battery life. It’s actually not so bad, compared to other cordless vacuums – but it can get annoying nonetheless.”