Electrolux Intensity 5020a Vacuum Review

Electrolux Intensity 5020aAn Electrolux Intensity 5020a vacuum review states: “The Electrolux Intensity 5020a is like no other vacuum cleaner available. It’s design is very unique, with an adjustable handle. This allows you to get in tighter places, which is very helpful. Also, you can fold it smaller to put it away. The power and suction is surprisingly good on this vacuum. Electrolux’s are usually very good, but this product is exceptionally powerful. It picks up pet hair and fuzz with ease.

A couple things I would have liked to have with the Electrolux Intensity 5020a are a bigger bag and some extra attachments. As it is, this vacuum cleaner does not come with any attachments whatsoever. You’ll have to pull out your handheld for blinds, upholstery, etc. The bigger bag is just a small detail that would be nice to have. If you clean large areas, the small bag will fill up pretty quickly. Overall, the Electrolux Intensity 5020a is still a wonderful small vacuum.”