Electrolux QuietClean PU3900 Central Vacuum

Electrolux QuietClean PU3900The Electrolux QuietClean PU3900 central vacuum system which claims to remove 100% of dirt, dust and allergy causing particles. The Electrolux QuietClean PU3900 is also, as the name suggests, very quiet. It actually reduces the noise level to less than a dishwasher’s. Another really neat feature on this model is the permanent HEPA filter. It basically cleans itself after every usage – which sure beats buying new filters every couple months. Oh, and when the vacuum needs emptying, it will actually tell you on the LCD screen.

As I mentioned earlier, the Electrolux QuietClean PU3900 claims to remove 100% of all dirt/dust. I don’t know if I quite believe that, but I do know that it’s much better than your average central vacuum cleaner.

If you haven’t used a central vacuum system before, it’s definitely something to consider. It’s especially useful for bigger, spread-out houses. All you have to do is plug the stretch hose into any one of multiple suction points throughout the house. It costs a lot more to set up in the beginning, but it can save so much time and energy in the future. I would definitely recommend the Electrolux QuietClean PU3900 if you’re in the market for a central vacuum.