Electrolux Versatility Bagless Vacuum Review

Electrolux Versatility Bagless VacuumThe Electrolux Versatility Bagless vacuum cleaner is often compared to Dyson. In fact, a lot of Electrolux Versatility owners, who have owned a Dyson in the past, say this vacuum works just as good or better. The build quality is exceptional. It’s very sturdy and made of thick plastic material, plus it is very stylish. The suction power is on par with Dyson, although the canister on this machine fills up pretty quickly. This vacuum also features a HEPA filter, which is great for allergy sufferers.

The Electrolux Versatility bagless vacuum comes with a lot of useful tools as well. Included with the unit is a hand Turbo tool, a crevice tool & a dusting brush. These work great for cleaning blinds, upholstery, etc. The 30 ft cord is longer than a lot of competitors – which is really nice when you have a bigger room. Probably the biggest complaint we have of the Electrolux Versatility bagless vacuum is the weight. I think it’s something you have to live with, if you want a vacuum built of heavy duty material. The price is also a little steep, but when you compare it to a Dyson it’s not so bad. Overall, I would recommend it.