Eureka Superbroom 169B Vacuum Review

Eureka Superbroom 169BEureka Superbroom review: Although it’s not the most stylish vacuum cleaner out there, the Eureka Superbroom 169B does do a good job at cleaning the floors. As it’s name suggests, this model is meant to take the place of your broom – not necessarily your full sized vacuum. The great part about this model is that it goes from hard floors to carpet with ease. I think it does better on hard floors, but other users say it works well on both types of flooring. Since it only weighs 5 lbs, it’s very easy to carry around from room to room. It also converts from a stick vac to a hand vac so you can easily get into tight places. Lastly, I really like the fact that the brush roll can be turned on and off.

Unfortunately, there are also a few things I don’t like about the Eureka Superbroom 169B vacuum. First off, the cord is a measly 20 ft – you’ll need an extension cord. A couple users complained about the dust cup button being hard to press. Also, the cup is fairly small, so you have to empty it out pretty often. Last complaint is the suction power. I can’t say that I’m too surprised about the suction, and I almost would expect it from a very small vacuum cleaner. Overall, the Eureka Superbroom vacuum cleaner is definitely worth the $35 price tag, especially if you are just looking for a quick-clean-up machine. I’m giving this model 4/5 stars.