Eureka Surfacemax 200 Review

Eureka Surfacemax 200The Eureka Surfacemax 200 vacuum is a fairly inexpensive upright model, which is currently selling for around $65. While the exterior on this model is nothing special, we’ll review the Eureka Surfacemax 200 vacuum cleaner and see if it is still worth the lower price tag. Here’s a quick rundown of the features you can expect with this model: a telescopic self-cleaning duster, dusting brush, crevice wand, HEPA filter, height adjustment, an easy empty dirt cup, and a 15 inch cleaning path. I also like the fact that this vacuum has a 30 ft power cord, which makes cleaning up bigger rooms easier. I know it’s not a killer feature set, but it at least covers the basics.

Now we’ll go over the negative aspects of the Eureka Surfacemax 200 vacuum. First off, it’s a pain to constantly be cleaning the filters. Sometimes it feels like you spend more time doing this than actually cleaning the floors. Another thing is that it’s a lot heavier than it looks – at just over 20 lbs. I also do not like that you cannot turn the brush bar off. This means it will scatter some dirt around on all non-carpeted floors. The suction power on the Eureka Surfacemax 200 is OK at best. While this is definitely not the best vacuum cleaner out there, it’s by far not the worst either. In fact, if you can get this model when it’s on sale, it wouldn’t be a bad deal. I’m giving it a 3.5 / 5 star rating because of the issues mentioned above.