Hoover Blue Elite Cyclonic Canister Review

Hoover Blue Elite Cyclonic CanisterThe Hoover Blue Elite Cyclonic canister vacuum is a bagless model, which is currently selling for around $200. The styling on it is tremendous, I really like the color scheme. In this review of the Hoover Blue Elite Cyclonic canister vacuum cleaner, I’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of this model, then decide it it’s actually worth the price tag. First off, here’s a rundown of features you can expect to find on this unit: extra long hose, back-saver wand, 25 ft power cord, HEPA filter, motorized brush roll with fingertip controls, easy empty dirt container, retractable power cord, headlight, crevice tool, a flat out head, and it has a 13 inch cleaning path. Overall, this is pretty good feature set.

OK, now I’ll go over the negative aspects of the Hoover Blue Elite Cyclonic canister vacuum. First off, emptying the canister can be messy and a pain. Another thing is that it’s on the heavier side, at 25 lbs. In my opinion, the attachments aren’t that great either. A couple users have had problems with the retractable power cord. Also, there are a few people who say the suction power goes down after a few months of use. While I think the last two claims could be true, I also would consider them somewhat of a fluke, since most users don’t have problems with these things. Overall, I think the Hoover Blue Elite Cyclonic canister vacuum cleaner is a decent enough model, although nothing too special. I’m giving it a 3.8 / 5 star rating.