Hoover Pet Rewind Plus

Hoover Pet Rewind PlusThe Hoover Pet Rewind Plus vacuum is a bagless upright model, designed specifically for animal owners. The exterior is nice looking, but possibly on the bulky side. In this review of the Pet Rewind Plus, I’ll go over this model’s strengths and weaknesses, then decide if it’s worth buying. Currently, it’s selling for around $160 – which is very reasonable when compared to similar models. Here’s a rundown of the main features you’ll find on this unit: a no-scuff bumper, 5 height setting adjustments, a 28 ft power cord, power controls at your fingertips, auto rewind cord, Pet Power Brush, a brush roll with an on and off switch, and this vacuum also features the WindTunnel technology. You do get a 1 year warranty when you buy this model, which is at least something.

OK, onto the negative aspects of the Hoover Pet Rewind Plus. A few users mentioned that their wheels got squeaky after a few times using it. I also wish the power cord were just a little longer. I would have loved a 35 ft cord on this unit, but the one it has isn’t horrible. As I mentioned earlier, I think it’s just a little too bulky. The hose sticks out on the side, and the head is a little bulkier than I would have liked as well. There were a couple random users who said their model broke down after a few months of usage, but I believe this was a bit of a fluke. Overall, I really like the Hoover Pet Rewind Plus vacuum cleaner. It has good suction, and the tools work great. Also, I like that it’s a lot cheaper than some of the competition. I’m giving this unit  4.3 / 5 star rating.