Hoover UH30010COM Review

Hoover UH30010COMOur Hoover UH30010COM review: Weighing in at just under 12 lbs, the Hoover UH30010COM vacuum (Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright) is one of the lightest full-sized models available. I really like the look of this machine, it’s sleek and stylish. A few features you’ll find on this model are: Hoover’s Windtunnel Technology, super-long 35 ft cord, a portable canister vacuum is included, self sealing HEPA bag, check bag indicator light, a couple on-board tools for the portable, and a spectacular 6-year warranty. It’s nice when a company backs up and believes in their product enough to give it such a long warranty. Also, the suction on this model is spectacular.

Now we’ll go over a few complaints about the Hoover UH30010COM vacuum. First of all there isn’t a brush roll on-off button. This can get annoying on bare floors especially. Another thing is that the replacement bags cost around $5 each, which is fairly expensive. Unfortunately, there is no automatic cord rewind feature on this vacuum. It can get a little tedious winding up 35 ft of cord. The last thing is a little bit petty, but would still be nice to have fixed - the portable canister strap has no pad on it. Quite honestly, I can get over 95 percent of these negatives. The price has dropped a lot since it first came out, and you can currently get the Hoover UH30010COM vacuum for around $220 in some stores. I’m giving it a 4.5/5 star rating.