Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind Review

Hoover Windtunnel Pet RewindThe Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind vacuum is an upright, bagless model with a lot of style. It’s currently selling for around $160, so we’ll review the Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind vacuum and see if it’s actually worth the asking price. First off, here’s a rundown of the best features found on this model: motorized brush roll, adjustable height on the brush roll, a 13.5 inch cleaning path, HEPA filter, pet contour tool, pet turbobrush, retractable 27 ft power cord, folding handle, and a couple other cleaning attachments. As I mentioned earlier, I really like the look of this vacuum. The red color is stylish, but this model also comes in blue. I also like that it has a scuff guard bumper to keep it from getting all scratched up.

Now I’ll take a look at the negative aspects of the Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind vacuum cleaner. The canister seems to be the main complaint amongst users. If you suck up a lot of pet hair, you may have to dig it out of the canister after you finish. Also, the canister is a little small if you have a bigger house. The cord rewind seems a little on the cheap side – like it could possibly break after a few months use. Other than those minor issues, I don’t have much to complain about with the Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind. I’m giving this vacuum a 4 / 5 star rating.