Kenmore 28614 Review

Kenmore 28614Our Kenmore 28614 review:If you’re looking for a powerful canister model, the Kenmore 28614 vacuum cleaner is definitely one to check out. As with most models from this Sears manufacturer, it is solidly built. A few of it’s most prominent features include: True HEPA filter, telescopic wand, motorized Pet PowerMate, indicator light when bag is full, stair grip swivel for easy stair cleaning, and a good amount of other useful attachments. The actual vacuum is fairly small, so you can drag it into tight places and store it in a small closet.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the Kenmore 28614 vacuum. It’s a little heavier than a lot of competitor models, but this is mainly due to the fact it’s built with quality materials. However, this makes a little more difficult to drag up and down stairs. Also, the handle can be a little hard to turn. Last thing that a lot of users complain about is the noise. Yes, it is quite loud – however, I think most people don’t mind that so much as long as it’s actually picking up the dirt (which it does). Overall, I really like the Kenmore 28614. It’s currently on sale for around $270. I’m giving this vacuum a 4.5/5 star rating.