Kenmore Progressive 36932 Review

Kenmore Progressive 36932A Kenmore Progressive 36932 vacuum cleaner review says: “The Kenmore Progressive 36932 from Sears has worked out well for me. I have read many different vacuum ratings, and agree that this machine performs just as well (if not better) than some Dyson competitors. That’s really saying a lot, since Dyson’s are known for their good suction. It has a rotating brush which works pretty well, but I think it scatters the finer dirt around on bare floors. So you may want to think about that. The included tools are wonderful. There are attachments for stairs, blinds, upholstery, etc.

Speaking of stairs, this thing is a bit heavy to drag up and down them. It weighs something like 22 lbs. Also, the price is a bit high if you’re on a strict budget. However, compared to most Dyson’s, it’s not quite that expensive. Overall, the Kenmore Progressive 36932 vacuum is probably the best unit at Sears, unless you want to spend a lot more money.”