Kirby Sentria Review

Kirby SentriaThe Kirby Sentria vacuum has it’s positives and negatives for sure, but is it worth the $1,000+ price tag? Well, I guess that would all depend on the customer. There are a lot of people who love their Kirby Sentria. After all, it does a great job on both carpeting and hardwood floors. The tools it comes with are quite useful as well. Also, the vacuum is fairly easy to clean, and the emissions are super low.

Unfortunately, the Sentria vacuum has a few issues that most buyers generally agree on. The loudness of this machine is definitely one of the top complaints. Also, a lot of owners find it a bit bulky and hard to push around. It really isn’t a light-weight model, so keep this in mind before you buy it. One other thing I have to mention are the sales tactics of the Kirby company – they are pushy. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual Kirby Sentria vacuum, but the multi-hour presentation can certainly rub some potential buyers the wrong way.

So, is the Sentria worth the money? While I love the suction and tools this vacuum comes with, I really think most customers could find a similar alternative for about half the price. On that note, I am giving the Kirby Sentria a 3/5 star rating.