LG Kompressor Pet Care Review

LG Kompressor Pet CareThe LG Kompressor Pet Care vacuum is a fairly stylish upright model, which is definitely geared towards pet owners. It is a little more expensive – at just under $300. In this review of the LG Kompressor Pet Care vacuum cleaner, I’ll go over this model’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a rundown of it’s best features: dust compacting technology (hence the name), vertical cyclone system, auto rewind cord, a large dust bin, HEPA filter, crevice and dusting brush tools, telescopic wand and of course the pet hair turbine tool. This tool is pretty cool, it’s an air powered brush that removes hair from various types of carpet and upholstery.

Now, let’s move on to the negative aspects of the LG Kompressor Pet Care vacuum. The overall build-quality seems good, but there are a couple parts which seem a little flimsy. I also don’t like the fact that the retractable cord comes out the bottom of the vacuum. It can be a tripping hazard if you don’t watch yourself. Lastly, I think the LG Kompressor Pet Care is just a bit too heavy. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but if you have stairs it could be an issue. Overall, I really like this model a lot and am giving it a 4.5 / 5 star rating.