Miele S5 Series Canister Vacuum Review

Miele S5 SeriesA vacuum cleaner review of the Miele S5 Series Canister says: “The Miele S5 Series vacuums are built extremely well. You can really tell after handling the machine, it’s construction is top notch. We have hardwood floors and tile,  which it does a super job at. The suction is great, so even finer dirt gets sucked up. I’ve heard from other reviewers that it can really help allergy sufferers. Also, this particular model is very quiet. I really hate loud vacuums, so this one is wonderful for that.

Usually a solid-built vacuum cleaner will weigh more than the cheaper plastic competition. This is definitely the case with the Miele S5 Series. OK, it’s not quite that bad, but I’ve had much lighter vacs in the past. Probably the biggest downside to this unit is the price. Depending on where you buy, it can range from $750-$900. After you own it for a while, you’ll see why it’s priced so high. It’s super sturdy, the performance is great, and the noise level is minimal.”