Oreck Halo UV-C Light Vacuum Review

Oreck Halo UV-CAn Oreck Halo UV-C Light vacuum review states: “The Oreck Halo UV-C light vacuum cleaner is a good mix of new technology and some good old-fashioned Oreck design. As you may know, it’s supposed to kill like 99% of dust mite eggs, bacteria and common germs. Of course, I can’t verify this claim, but I know it must do something because my allergies don’t seem as bad after using it a few times. I think it works especially good on carpets, with pretty decent suction.

Also, I personally think the Oreck Halo vacuum looks better than most of the other machines they sell at Oreck. It’s a little heavier at 17 lbs, but that’s still not bad compared to other competitor brands. I think this is the perfect vacuum for families with small kids (who worry about their kids playing on dirty floors) and also those of us with allergies, as dust mites are the cause of a lot of that. I think the best part is the 3 year warranty. “