Shark Navigator Vacuum Review

Shark NavigatorMy brief Shark Navigator vacuum review: A lot of folks probably first heard about the Shark Navigator vacuum through a TV infomercial. Normally, I think infomercial products are more hype than great products – but, in this case I think the Navigator is living up to the hype.

At just 15 pounds, this vacuum is easy enough to lug up and down stairs with ease. Also included are a couple of useful tools so you can actually clean up the stairs on your way up (they work well for couches / dog hair as well). If you have a bigger room, you’ll love the 30 ft cord. You don’t have to plug and unplug it nearly as much as with a shorter 20 ft cord.

The Shark Navigator vacuum does have a couple areas it could use improvement. One of those is the size of the dust cup. If you have a fairly busy area of the house with kids & dogs, you’ll notice how fast the cup gets filled up. Also, the super stretch hose isn’t nearly as stretchy as they make it sound. It works alright, but you’ll find it’s not actually that long. Lastly, it doesn’t include a HEPA filter. But, overall I think the Shark Navigator is definitely worth the money and even most of the hype you see on the TV infomercial.