Shark Pet Perfect Review

Shark Pet PerfectThe Shark Pet Perfect vacuum is a hand-held model, made especially for picking up that pesky pet hair. As far as looks go, the green and black colored exterior looks quite nice. In this review of the Shark Pet Perfect vacuum cleaner, I’ll be going over this model’s strengths and weaknesses. First off, here’s a rundown of the best features you’ll find on this model: Twister cyclonic technology, a charging indicator light, washable filter, easy-to-remove dust cup, detachable motorized brush, and it’s powered by a 14.4V battery. Of course, the motorized brush is the piece that is meant to help pick up the pet hair – and it actually does a pretty good job of it.

Now I’ll go over the negative aspects of the Shark Pet Perfect vacuum. Like most cordless models, the battery does not last very long at all. You also have to clean the filter after every use, or it doesn’t work as well. Another thing I’m not a big fan of is the vent on the bottom of the unit. It tends to blow around dust that you are trying to sweep up. While the Shark Pet Perfect vacuum cleaner definitely has it’s problems, I think it does a pretty good job at cleaning up pet hair. I’m only giving it a 3.7 / 5 star rating, because of those issues.