Shark Ultralight Multi-Vac Vacuum Review

Shark Ultralight Multi-VacOur Shark Ultralight vacuum review: As it’s name suggests, this vacuum is a fairly lightweight 9.75 lbs. The Shark Ultralight Multi-Vac is also very uniquely designed – but in an good way. The strange design does have a purpose though. It can be converted from a stick vacuum to a hand vac, and it also has a bending pivot to reach tight places. A few other features on this model include: a 25 ft power cord, an 11 inch cleaning path, a wand, pet turbo brush, and a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Unfortunately, there are a couple issues with the Shark Ultralight Multi-Vac vacuum. The most common problem is that the canister does not stay secure when you are using it. It snaps in place, but then slowly comes off when you start vacuuming. Another issue is how small the canister is – it fills up way too fast. Last thing I have an issue with is the awkward shape of the Shark Ultralight Multi-Vac. It looks fine, but just takes some getting used to. Overall, I’m giving this model a 4 / 5 star rating.