Shark VX3 Sweeper Vacuum Review

Shark VX3A Shark VX3 Sweeper vacuum review states: “The Shark VX3 sweeper vacuum cleaner is very lightweight, as advertised. It also has great mobility, allowing you to go lots of small areas quite easily. The tray is not too hard to empty, so that is a plus.

Now, a couple negative things about the vacuum. It’s overpriced, in my opinion. They allow you to make 4 easy payments, but this adds up to be quite a big chunk of money for a little sweeper. I would also say it doesn’t have the power they claim it to have. It picks up some small stuff, but it’s certainly no powerhouse. Lastly, the battery life is much shorter than 90 minutes. They claim the Shark VX3 sweeper vacuum cleaner can last up to 90 mintues, but I’ve never been that lucky. It would be a decent buy, if you can get it for half price.”