Shop-Vac EasyLift Upright Vacuum Review

Shop-Vac EasyLift UprightA vacuum cleaner review of the Shop-Vac EasyLift Upright says: “The Shop-Vac EasyLift Upright vacuum cleaner opens up a new market to the one time garage-only company. This machine is made to be used indoors, for dry pickup only. The design most resembles an Oreck, which is relatively uninteresting. It is made to be used on both bare floors and carpets. After using it a while, I can’t say it has the best suction I’ve ever seen, but it’s not bad either. I do like the 30 ft cord, which allows me to stretch out pretty far.

The main thing I don’t like about this vacuum cleaner is the noise level. I should have guessed it would be loud, since I know most other Shop-Vac’s are that way. Like I said before, the suction isn’t as good as some other machines I’ve used. However, since the Shop-Vac EasyLift Upright vacuum is supposed to be an Oreck competitor, I think it does compare relatively well. And, it’s a fair amount cheaper as well, at around $150. So, I think it’s worth recommending, but not raving about.”